Do you want to learn German in a fun way?

Each lesson will help you uncover a famous German castle.


Key Features

  • Pronunciation by native German speakers.

  • Each lesson features flashcards, vocabulary listings, grammar and usage tips, dialog and the quiz.

  • Universal App: the iPad version specially designed for the iPad is included in the price.

  • Integrates with Game Center so you can measure your progress and compete with other learners if you want to.

User Reviews

This app makes learning German fun, engaging and portable.

With German Made Easy, it is possible learn basic German as well as the history of Germany’s Castles. ... I found the app to be fun to use, challenging and completely practical. ... The bottom line is this: German Made Easy, lives up to it’s name while providing a fun way to learn a new language and challenge yourself. I would highly recommend this app for anyone planning to visit Germany or just wanting to learn the basics of a new language. Had I had this app for language courses in High School, perhaps I would have retained the information I had learned.,

The quizzes are fun to take.

Who would have thought learning another language could be this fun and challenging? I really like the flashcards. Helps me learn through repetition. The quizzes are fun to take. The audio pronunciation guides are very clear and helpful, and I always use it to check if my pronunciation guesses were right! Great app!


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